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Therapeutic Breast Massage
because breasts are our business!

What is Therapeutic Breast Massage & Lymphatic Drainage?

Both useful tools to maintain breast health.  The gentle & effective techniques help remove fluid from the breast that cannot be hand expressed or pumped  out. 


Lymphatic Breast Massage is different than just massaging the breast because

we will specifically move the breast in a way that mimics how lymph moves in

the body.  Through clearing and reabsorption, the result is movement of

lymphatic fluid from your tissues to your lymph nodes, which eases the swelling

in your breasts and armpits. 



Increases circulation, rids the body of toxins, relief from pain, decreased

swelling and improved breast drainage!

                                                                                      For relief of: 

                                                                                              *breast engorgement

                                                                                              *plugged ducts

                                                                                              *milk stasis


                                                                                              *chronic breast pain 

                                                                                              *poor milk expression




If you have been unsuccessful with treating the above issues

give us a call to set up a TBM & LD session 

and learn what you can do to improve your own breast self-care. 

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call 973-701-0606
for appt 
Initial Consultation & TBM including LD
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