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Read a moms story about our clinic:

                 Alyssa Frey MS, OTR/L

Balanced Baby Clinic

every week!

(Wednesday & Friday)

Maria Parlapiano RN IBCLC

Our Mission:  To provide a safe and supportive experience for our families. We strongly believe that all families members benefit from the nourishment of bodywork thus direct care should incorporate the whole family system.  It's this comprehensive approach that enables the babies to feed, flourish and flow. 


Recent research is showing that different parts of the brain are activated from birth to one year of age that directly relates to attachment and potentially future compassion and empathy. This powerful concept can be facilitated by the whole family receiving support at such a critical time.    At Balanced Baby, we believe that everyone is interconnected and that the best therapeutic outcomes happen when we widen our lens and address the bigger picture.


So take advantage of this unique, ground-breaking clinic!   Maria Parlapiano, RN, IBCLC and Craniofascial Therapist has joined forces with Alyssa Frey, MS, OTR/L specializing in Craniosacral Therapy, to provide direct patient care to infants and their families.

 “It’s not just about addressing the baby and feeding, but the “big picture”- the well-being of the entire family.” -Maria

Why Bodywork & Lactation Together? The most current research points to the benefits of a team approach following birth. The Balanced Baby Clinic emphasis is on addressing any structural/functional and emotional issues from conception to birth and beyond for the baby, mom and partner. Imbalance of any kind could have an effect on feeding, future development and overall contentment.

“When considering the entire family, four hands are better than two.” -Alyssa as she refers to multiple hands treatment.  Our years of vast experience allows us the opportunity to assess & help with a variety of issues or concerns.


These may include but not be limited to:

Baby                                                                               Parents- Pre/Postnatal

Gassy/fussy/colic                                                        Ligament, hip, back pain

Reflux    (GERD)                                                            Regulate blood pressure

Poor feeder (breast or bottle)                                 Optimal fetal positioning

Slow gainer                                                                   Joint & Neck/TMJ (jaw) pain

High need baby (cries a lot)                                     Headaches

Pre & post lip/tongue release                                 Painful nursing

torticollis/plagiocephaly                                          Bowel issues

strain/tension patterns                                            Sleep issues                                                                     

Sleep issues                                                                  Stress & Anxiety


Our Balanced Baby Clinic offers collaborative mini-sessions (60 min) every week.  Together we will assess structure and function, educate, treat and customize a care plan just for your family! Expect feeding & baby care help as well as bodywork. Plus self- help techniques that really work!  


Alyssa and Maria are eager to share their skills and years of experience to help your family feed, flourish and flow!  


Cost: $275 initial/ $250 follow up   (v/mc, venmo, ck or cash) insurance reimbursement forms available 

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